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Online !

Finally !
My website is online.
There is still some work left, but it’s online !

A few impressions of my portfolio and my work as photographer.

Most of the pictures are taken during the last 3 years with some exceptions and new scans of old large format film work.

The places vary between Tuscany, Iceland, Venice and my closer surroundings in Ticino and Heidelberg.

If you like you can find more of my work at my Flickr account, please use the link at the end of each site (the two dots).

Please leave a comment at the end of this blog (go to "read more").

Thank’s for visiting

Werner Utsch
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Iceland, February 2108


The publishing of this site cannot be done without many thanks to my fellow photographers and friends of the Iceland and Tuscany group:
Claudia, Susanne, Ingo, Uwe, Achim, Michael and others.
With you photography is much more fun and inspiration. Thank you for your company, dialogs, critics, jokes - for the dinners and wine sessions…
Special thanks to Alexander , who is a fantastic teacher and organiser !

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Tuscany, April 2018
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